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  • Networking, learning and growing your business with regional and national peers, both in person and through a dedicated platform just for member-to-member communication. This is members’ #1 reported value of their membership.
  • Advocacy: Having your voice heard by representives in Washington DC through One Voice, a partnership between NTMA and PMA.
  • Have direct access to key representatives from suppliers: machines, tools, software and C-suite services that keep you abreast of cutting-edge developments and help discern what will be most effective for your company.
  • Benchmarking: Is your wage and benefit program competitive or superior to regional companies or to companies similar to yours? Assess your operational data compared to similar and high performing members, both regionally or nationally. Benchmark your executive compensation data as a backup for IRS filings.
  • Access to legal advice and resources when OSHA is knocking on your door or when you need assistance (or a second opinion) about legal, policy or personnel concerns. Members enjoy access to free legal advice (1 hour/month) from a legal firm with years of experience representing manufacturing businesses nationwide.
  • Understanding how your business is affected by global economics and what you need to do to thrive and survive in today’s challenging environment.
  • Access online training (NTMA-U) for your employees: a single/several classes. Your apprentices can actually complete their entire classroom training requires for Journeyman status online (it is Dept. of Labor Certified).